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A vida transcurre lentamente, repetitiva. Un corpo cansado pero á vez, resistente. Do outro lado da cámara, a tentativa de atopar ese instante fugaz que nos revela algo mais da vida. Da observación á construcción coa propia personaxe.

Palmira, known by most as Galicia’s grandmother, was one of the protagonists of my first documentary, Mulleres da Raia. From the day I saw her for the first time, through the kitchen window, I felt the need to come back and film her again. And so I did, one year later, when I found the reason and space to do it. Palmira is the result of 5 years of encounters promoted by the laboratory of creation ‘El Retrato Filmado’ (Play-Doc International Documentary Film Festival of Tui), out of which several filmed portraits were born.

Palmira is the encounter between a centenarian woman and a documentary apprentice who, over the years and for a few days, are reunited to build their portrait. Which portrait? Palmira’s or the documentalist’s? Inadvertently, both. Life passes by slowly, repetitively. A tired but resistant body. On the other side of the camera, an attempt to find that fleeting moment that reveals to us something more from life. From observation to construction with the character itself.

Palmira is the portrait of several encounters as well as the testimony of the process and evolution of that portrait.

Title: Palmira
Genre: Documentary
Length: 30 min
Year & Countries: 2017 Spain – Portugal
Shooting format: HDV 16:9
Languages: Spanish – Galician – Portuguese
Subtitles: Spanish – English – Portuguese
Locations: Tui (Spain) – Valença do Minho (Portugal)

Script, Directing, Camera & Sound
Diana Gonçalves

Ávaro Gago, Diana Gonçalves

Editing & Color Correction
Álvaro Gago

Sound Mixing
Miguel Barbosa

Subtitles English & Portuguese
Marta Sousa, Daniela Pinto Neves

Diana Gonçalves was born in Tui in 1986. She holds a graduate with honours in Audiovisual Communication (Vigo University, 2008) and a Masters Degree in Communication and Creative Industries (Santiago de Compostela University, 2013). In 2009, Diana produces and directs her first documentary Mulleres da raia, which picked up several prizes in a wide range of international film festivals. Later, she works as a director for Pórtico Audiovisuales and becomes part of the Galician Agency of Cultural Industries (AGADIC) production team by being in charge of the organisation of several CREATIVA encounters promoting multidisciplinary cultural exchange between Spain and Portugal.

Diana also works at Cinemar Films, where she leads the studio’s international markets presence. In 2010, she becomes programmer of Filminho (Galician and Portuguese Cinema Film Festival) and coordinates the documentary retrospective on “Carlos Velo: Mirar al margen”. In parallel, she promotes and develops several itinerant filmmaking workshop in a number of Galician and Northern Portugal schools.

Between 2009 and 2013 she takes part in the laboratory of documentary creation “El Retrato Filmado”, directed by Marta Andreu. Years later, she retrieves the material she had shot during the laboratory and edits it together. The resulting piece, Palmira, is her second documentary.


Diana Gonçalves
Diana Gonçalves
Diana Gonçalves
Álvaro Gago