Ollo de vidrio
Volve atrás


Ver directores/as

Doremi is a young boy who lives among artists in a travelling cabaret show run by a selfish and cruel man. He has no friends but a talking puppet named Toloncho, always by his side. When his beloved mother dies in an accident, he cannot cope with the immense grief and falls into a state of catatonia. Twelve years later, his mind awakens from its sleep to embark on a journey where he will confront his inner demons and redeem himself.

This film marks my first ever experience co-directing and editing fiction. It grew out of the collaboration of 4 students who met at the Met Film School (Ealing Studios) during a 1 year practical filmmaking course.

Doremi has screened at Lago Film Festival (Italy), Portobello Film Festival (London, UK) & Aesthetica Film Festival (York, UK)


Rafael Medina, Álvaro Gago
Álvaro Gago, Rafael Medina, Luca Emma, Pilar Seijo
Álvaro Gago, Rafael Medina, Luca Emma, Pilar Seijo
Álvaro Gago