Ollo de vidrio

Born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), she begin to takes pictures during her Philosophy university studies. After winning several awards for her photography and audiovisual films, in 2021 Rosa Taboada founded MARTELA FILMS to realize singular and universal projects but also a deep intimate stories. Her poetic vision of the world made that her works has great atmospheres, from documentary to fiction.

Actually she is working on the post-production of a documentary about the painter "Quintana Martelo" on a journey within the creative process of his great exhibition "Containers" and finishing the short film "Barxacova" filmed in natural locations of the Ribeira Sacra, (Galicia)


2019 XIV Luis Ksado : Short Film Series “ARTIFICIAL PARADISES”

2021 Documentary “Quintana Martelo Painting”

2021 “Xohana Torres de ensaio, investigación e creación audiovisual” SEARCHING LIGHT – Na procura da Luz / Pozo Garza

2019 XIV Luis Ksado : Short Film Series “ARTIFICIAL PARADISES”

2019 Finalist I Mahou Barrica Audiovisual Narrative Award: “WINTER WAY”

2017 First Award VII Certame Shorts “AS-PG” Short film «ROSALÍA»

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